Sunday, August 22, 2004


Letter seal?
Navy SEAL?
Animal seal?
Singer Seal?

Singer Seal, Kiss from a Rose - aha, aha, oh yeah, oh yeah, aha.

Woke up at 8am this morning to get the house all nice and tidy (mopped with citrus cleaner and everything) for when Sean and Jamie came round promptly at 9 to cook us bacon and eggs on toast for breakfast, but ultimately to watch football highlights on TV. Last night Sean was categorising all the CU peeps we knew according to the sitcom Friends. It still manages to stay in conversation in spite of being an 'ex' but that's the role and function of all exes I guess. I was given the role of Monica although I wanted to be Janice. Do people really dislike Janice? I didn't know that. I always thought she was the cool one. With the conversation still in my head, I went to sleep. Argh. I actually dreamt of cleaning house for the guys' arrival. Whatever.

After the highlights, I spent the rest of the day knitting Sean's yellow and black Wasps scarf, which I hope to finish by tomorrow night, batted 26 runs in 5 bowls (cricket) had lunch with Sean, Joe and Tara and made chocolate mousse and shortcrust pastry for my mushroom and bacon pie tomorrow. Did my washing yesterday so no need to worry about that for another fortnight or so. Tonight I'll be off to St Helens to see Carly, Daniel, Daryl, Jenny and etc. There's so much to catch up on in 2 weeks. My sis asked me how I manage hosting so many dinners when I'm so low on budget. The trick is Tesco value. The meal budget per week for the average Joe (no pun intended Joe) would be, let's say a tenner? I spend less than a fiver on myself per week, thanks to 8p noodles, leaving me therefore, with a fiver spare to spend on 'fancy' mealtimes. And I can make a meal stretch like an Indian rubber band - apparently Indian rubber bands strtch very far as Indian rubber balls bounce very high. I'm still using the goose I roasted a few weeks ago - use every part of it; bones, skin, bishop's nose... The minced pork and fusilli I had last Tuesday has only just been finished and bread and bagels can always be freezed - in fact everything can be freezed. Learn how to economise and organise and you'll find that 2 potatoes, a cabbage head and a chicken drumstick can go a long way.

Jo's heading off to Turkey tomorrow. Send me a postcard! I called just now but you weren't available. Have an amazing journey and fantastic time and everytime you pass by a Turkish deli, think of me. Eat falafels, buy carpets; if the owner of the shop offers you coffee, accept (it means he's happy doing business with you), don't get animal/ bird/ plant printed carpets because those are only for western tourists who like something to show and it generally doesn't project the true artistic skill of carpet weaving that the Turkish people are famous for (courtesy of Jeffery Archer's short story, The Steal, from A Twist in the Tale). By the way, if you find a flying carpet, get it for me and I will reimburse you generously. Arabian nights...

Kill Bill 2 was not as good as I hoped it would be. It wasn't gory, it wasn't brutal, the fight scenes ended too quickly, it turned romantic and mushy, questions weren't answered, there was no close up shot of eyes void of emotion, not enough flashes of cold steel, it was too easy killing Bill and I am not satisfied. However, if you did not like the first Kill Bill because of reasons known only to you, you might find Kill Bill 2 more to your liking. I have yet to watch Spiderman 2, Matrix Revolutions, Harry Potter 2, 3, 4 and however many more they make, Lord of the Rings trilogy and a list of other movies that will take you through the floor as in Oblivion, Alton Towers.

The picnic for Tuesday is off as peeps are too busy and I have to house sit for Joe, waiting for the arrival of his stuff from Argos. My bookcase is arriving tomorrow. I will give Alex a ring as well, asking him to get George in to rid the rubbish he left behind in the backyard, fix lightbulbs where they need fixing and help put up my three black and whites; one is of an elephant taking an apple from the tram driver in Grays Inn Road circa 1950s and the tram is heading for Wandsworth, one is a 1960s picture of 2 people stranded in a 1959 Fly amongst giraffes in a Safari in Plymouth (or was it Portsmouth) and the third is a guy getting a ticket from a traffic warden for speeding in an ostrich-drawn carriage. Classic, the lot of them. I'm waiting til I have my own place in the future to put the rest up, which also includes 2 Alsations riding a motorbike and a sidecar, a Llama getting into a car, a dog being chaffeured, a lamb getting onto a London bus and a woman driving a convertible with a pig tucked under her right arm.

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