Sunday, August 01, 2004

Peppercorns and lavender

Am sitting on the guest bed in the guest room in TLC's - Tara, Lauren and Carly. Bubba's gonna be sleeping on it tonight and for an army guy, I wonder if the bright pinks and apricots will be a welcome sight. Tummy is rumbling as I smell the chicken roast spitting away and the sweet aroma is driving my gastric juices insane, heading towards possible digestive overload. I have the taste of peppercorns between my teeth and lavender in my pockets - a good mix of spice and calming intoxicants, heated and laid-back. Had a sun stroke for the past two days or so was understandably, not in peak condition.

Am reading an Oswald Chambers' devotional guide and read something a few night ago that really rings true to me, least of all because it refers to clouds and cloud gazing... When we see dark clouds hovering especially in England, we tend to think "Oh no, rain again." Or if we're slightly more optimistic, "At least the plants will be watered." We all have our own spiritual clouds to deal with. Dark and dreary clouds seem heavy and pointless while light and puffy clouds look like silly balls of cotton wool. We find joy in neither and imagine life without balloons of gassy liquid that blocks the sun from shining through, prevents us from sunbathing and generally gives excuse for people to collectively moan about the weather, "Why me?" Personally, I like clouds. Being a self-confessed country mouse at heart, I prefer watchign clouds and cows to dashign about shoppng no the high street. They allow me to escape, not that I feel suffocated in the life I lead now on earth although I know there's so much more prepared for me in the future. They allow me to expand my imagination, to wander around in childish fantasy and think of the impossible and perhaps, even the seemingly insane, over-idealistic and unrealistic.

Anyhoo, in Oswald, I read that clouds are like the dust God leaves behind when He walks, which I think is a super idea. Can you imagine, anytime we see a 'spiritual' cloud waltzing into our lives, we can think, "Cool, God's walking about." And, not only is He walking about, He's sooo close that we can see the dust flying from His golden sandals... or shoes... maybe sneakers.. combat boots. That's pretty close, don't you think.

By the way, my scarf is 12 feet long.

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