Friday, August 13, 2004

Of scarves and just for laughs

Priss and I were discussing the prospects of 'luring' freshers into the CU by promising a free scarf per membership knitted by yours truly. Colour information shall be shared on a later date, based on the production line down Morley's in Brixton but so far we're hoping to present the colours and patterns available in an a la wallpaper/ hair colour/ paint catalogue. Among other things in mind, the scarves shall bear the name of the manufacturer ie Debibo productions, possibly just shortened to Debibo, and a 'favourite' memory verse shall also be engraved unto it, by means I do not yet have access to. The patterns so far comprise a plain single, double or multiple choice, whether in your favourite colous eg: your football team, bumblebee or zebra prints (anything with stripes really), a random pattern of my imagination or of other sorts. I am trying to mentally count loops and stiches to see if I can make a zig-zag pattern as well. My scarves will even take flight to American soil as I made a bumblebee one for Bubba as a farewell present. Sean has placed an order for a yellow and black scarf, 25 knits wide, in honour of his Wasps team and I'll try get the CU president's yellow and green scarf done by Christmas. But for now, study, study, study.

I face my Waterloo again on 17th August (this Tuesday). The least favourite of my law modules, there can be no failure, no turning back, no defecting occurrences, no mitigating circumstances, no chicken run, no ducking in the sand, no giving up. No choice... ahhhhhh. But God shall see me through and God knows what's gonna happen and for once, I don't want to know. I can think of so many reasons why I failed the first time round.

God wanted to teach me utter dependence on Him.
God wanted me to be less self-reliant.
God wanted me to see that passing isn't everything.
God knew that this would mould me into a better person.
God wanted me to think of other things other than starting a scarf business.
God said that and it was that.
I didn't study hard enough.
God wanted a laugh.

What we deem to be logical is far from what God wants. We see the result as the goal, God aims for the things we will learn along the way. Hypothetical food analogy; we see the cake as the final product and when it sinks in the middle, we might consider it a failure. God sees us pinching and tasting the dough and having a laugh and playing snow angels with the flour with the people we made the cake with more precious than the cake itself, in spite of us gaining a few well-deserved calories here and there. That's what I think anyway.

Watched Seven Seagal's Under Seige last night on VHS... yes, I bought more. My Vhs collection as it stands;
> Beauty and the Beast
> Aladdin
> Batman Forever
> Dragonheart
> Braveheart
>Independence Day
> Miracle on 34th Street
> Godzilla - yes, really
> Jurassic Park I
> Fantasia
> A Few Good Men
> The Rock
> Richie Rich
> Mickey Blue Eyes
> American Sweethearts
> Gladiator (special edition)
> Under Seige

Time for me to go study. Give me a buzz if you're free. Happy Birthday Daniel!

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