Friday, August 13, 2004

The noon of time...

is usually the moment of 'reality' when I stretch from my bed, loll to the floor and wake up. But not today. Beat Elena to the clock in a rare feat of early morning energy, ate last night's chips for breakfast, then headed off to... study in the library. The morning walk freshened me up a bit more and I started day dreaming; buying the house I currently rent, alternatively being sent a 'raven' in the form of some castle in the English/ French countryside, riding Harley's and riding side-saddle whilst shooting at flying wild fowl with a crossbow. Only just saw Rosanna and news, news, Claire is engaged to Rob.

Will be in the library (tower) til it shuts at 7 and hopefully this time I'll get some studying done. I seem to have a knack for doing everything but. Read up on roles and functions of the EC institutions last night and will hopefully complete freedom of 'something' today. Did you know that 2 bagels from Sainsbury's can last me my entire journey from Waterloo to Oval?

Am having people round this Tuesday for dinner to 'celebrate' my 'last' exam and to bid one of us fare thee well. On Wednesday, Sean and I will be off to Argos to get bookcases and a hoover. I think Thursday is Tom Hutton's birthday.

I reviewed my VHS collection and it appears that I have more than I thought I had; extras include:
> Tomb Raider I
> The Mummy I
> Emma
> Mission Impossible I

I'm still waiting in eager anticipation for Kill Bill 2.

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