Thursday, August 19, 2004

Just lush

Before I start, Jo it's pouring bucketloads and I hope you didn't get caught out in the rain.

Went shopping today!!!! Very impromptu. Jo called me up whilst I was still in my Oink! pyjamas and said she was about. We had Starbucks for lunch - I had two mocha frap grandes - one with cream and one without - because I did not realise that Jo ordered one for me as well. Needless to say, a trip to the water-closet was necessary after that caffeine related feat. We then trotted down Regent street and went into Past Times. Gorgeous shop with unicorn statuettes, 'Greek goddess' clocks and table lighting, antique looking radios and grandfather clocks, a ginger cat tea cosy, crystal candleholders and a host of other things, including owl bookends (which I will buy - or something similar - while I fill my new bookcase up) and a mahagony chest with flowers carved into the top. A very nice shop indeed. I think we spent about an hour in the shop and I came out of the shop with a book on D-day and a calender featuring black and white pictures of animals and transportation. Next stop was Lush and as the subject title says, it was just lush. I got into excited, hyped-up mode the second I walked through the door. Lush is a shop (also along Regent street), which sells handmade and organic soap, bubble bombs, shampoo, facial products, moisturiser, mud packs etc etc. Can you imagine the multitude of smells that hit my keen nasal sponge? My brain exploded (not literally) with a concoction of lavender and honey and blueberry and flowers, sea scents and other berries and fruits and ooooh. Jo bought me a Turbo Bubble bath bomb for a house warming present and if I use it properly, I should emerge form my bath with purple glitter stuck to my bod and smelling of jasmine. I'll have to wait for a special occasion for that. The end of exams is not quite special enough.

Dinner for Big Dave tonight, bookcase from Argos tomorrow for the living room - I am in the process of persuading Sarah to bring some of her books from home and have told her I will buy them off her if she doesn't want to transport them back after 2 years in Oval, Victoria staying over Friday night, Tom's birthday on Friday, 3 scarves to knit by Christmas and a possible holiday/ get-a-way to plan before the term starts. Hopefully it'll be something along the line of horses, horse riding or horsing around. By the way, I saw three blacks today - two by St James and one down Regent street.

Last night, in response to my confession of my dislike of vegetables, Tim Mak said that I could get colon cancer of I didn't start eating some. I responded by pretending to be in shock - the whole mouth open indignation thing. We figured that telling people about the consequences of their actions was a sign that we cared for them and Johnny Mak interjected by saying that it was like telling non-Christians they were going to Hell. It is too easy to sit back and watch complacently but it takes effort and risks to get involved and be responsible. It is too easy to hang out with non-Christian friends for years without even once telling them about Jesus or about what He did for you that week or that day. It is too easy to forget the most important thing in our lives when it will inconvenience a friendship we feel is not worth the risk losing. It is hard to talk to someone who doesn't listen. It is hard to go out of our way to invite our classmates to a Christian event. It is hard when people don't want to listen. But what is harder, really? Them not listening to the message or not listening to us? We are servants of the most high God. Not managers, not directors, not conducters. It is liberating beyond words to joyfully assume the place we were called to and so fulfilling when we humble ourselves and faithfully follow His will. Don't try square the circle. If we're filled with God's joy for our salvation and His love for the lost, then no amount of inconvenience will overshadow our desire to spread the Gospel and no true friendship will be more important than our pride for no greater love has ever been, ever is or ever will be again.

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