Tuesday, August 17, 2004

It's O-V-E-R

Famous last words of who knows who? Perhaps, but I doubt they'll be my last. European exam over, I've been to Tesco and am ready to entertain again. And that's exactly what I'm doing tonight. 7 or so peeps coming round for roast chicken and chips and I'll try whip up some sort of leafy thing to go with it. Tomorrow Big Dave is coming round for dinner as well and if there aint any roast left, he'll be sitting down to a turkey drumstick served with stir-fried mango and mash. Either that or it's good, old chips and steak. Choices, choices... Other breaking news, I have replenished my stash of Haagen Dazs and Popodums (I don't even know how it's spelt), I will start knitting again soon; I have to wait for Priss to come back from camp to teach me how to start the initial looping of it and I have made 8 items out of the goose I bought quite a while back:

1. Roast goose
2. Goose pie
3. Goose soup
4. Goose congee
5. Second goose pie
6. Goose sandwiches
7. Goose noodles
8. Goose pasta

There's more to come... I'm thinking goose giblet for Benson and baked goose neck, more goose soup and probably stew...

Enough about food. Sean said something today that totally caught me off guard. He said that I was most like Monica from the now ex-sitcom, Friends. Cos I cook and clean and clean again and plan everything and am a control freak. I bought more toliet cleaner and blue bloo today cos there's no such thing as a toilet that's too clean. I don't think I'm quite that neurotic yet but I can always work on it. So, Monica, eh? Oh well, she's got a nice apartment and Ross is her brother - one thing I definitely don't mind cos that would be sooo super cool. Imagine having a brother who majored, who had a phD in DINOSAURS!!!! Awesome.

I have not been blogging for a while cos exams took it's toll and I didn't feel up to walking in to FWB to blog but now I'm back in action - in a cyber cafe. To be honest, I do feel like I did know more than the last time I sat for EU law, this morning. I always feel like I've never learned enough and most of the time, I don't learn enough, not because I don't want to but because sadly, I can't be bothered to. I can't remember the last time I really pushed for ultimate exam marks. The night before my first public exam when in Grade 6, when all my other friends were memorising timetables and rereading compositions, I begged to watch The Adventures of Superman III (Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher - I still remember). I have pushed for a home, for a holiday, for editorship in ROAR, for a part in Kings Bench - things that although might not mean much to anyone else, means a lot to me. Exams stress me out a certain amount for a certain length of time but do they mean more to me than going horse riding for an hour? Sometimes I just wonder whether my piorities are in ship-shape order or not. Just before I went to bed last night, I was reminded (or God impressed upon me) that man can roll a dice in a game but the Lord determines the number that comes up.

Do I see my exams as a bit of a gamble? I study what I think I need to get what I want but no more - takng the easy way out, so to speak. Studying 'smart' rather than studying hard, as it is called in Malaysia. The thing about trying to study smart is that sometimes you miss and miss by a long shot. So I went to bed last night, quite satisfied that God has taken even my folly and downfalls and suspect failures and apparent failures into account when weaving His perfect plan into the fabric of time. Amazing. I have rolled the dice, God knows the number and sometimes, as in Monopoly or other board games, the highest number is not necessarily the best number to get to finish the race.

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