Thursday, August 12, 2004

Hiccups and a spoonful of sugar

Okay, so a spoonful of sugar may not cure hiccups. However, rumour from a fairytale witch has it that if one smiles whilst sucking a sweet, the smile should in effect remain on one's face the whole day. Get back to me on that. I tend not to suck sweets ever since I choked (but not to death - doh) on an orange sherbet (which by the way, was given me as a present for going for my music lesson that day).

Made a mushroom/ chicken/ cheese something or other for lunch. I had to pick off green and orange mould that had infested my mozzarella first though. Mould is quite interesting to watch. The way it multiplies and grows and spreads and grows grey, furry stuff... like ear hairs growing out of a ball of wax. Maybe that's what the inside of ears look like.

Found out today that the Maughan library shuts at 7 so will be dragging my tushie from here to FWB later.

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