Friday, August 20, 2004

Dogs are from Mars


Yeah, there goes stress right out of the window. Or in my case, right into the window, through the internet connection and splat onto my blog. Exams sorted, I sit around for days wondering what to do. These days I fill my space with books including Red Dragon; an introduction to Hector Hannibal, pine bookcases, black and white animal framed photos taken circa 1950's and 1960's - those of you who can, you have to come to my place to see them(!), apple crumble in the fridge as well as chilli chips and minced pork and fusilli and avocado salad, apples from the garden, am gonna make apple pie on Sunday, roasted turkey drumsticks, the Olympics, Ian Thorpe :), popodums, the let-down of Kill Bill 2, knitting - Sean, I started on yours last night (yes folks, I managed to self-teach moi, without Priss' guidance therefore, with much trial and error, how to loop da loop), party at Daryl's, bubble-baths and scrubs (which I had this morning - scrubbed myself raw) and etc. I should be here for a bit cos it looks like it's gonna rain soon, I dont intend to buy a pass or saver tickets cos my books, quirky deco and indoor plants spending spree has put me back a couple of quid and walking would help keep extra tyres from forming.

Might be going to the park for a picnic this Tuesday if the weather shines well. Exams will be over for some by then and some peeps will be leaving for far shores hence, the get together. Time to plan a decent picnic basket... cucumber+ tuna sandwiches, pie, carrots and dip, cold pasta, bagels, more pie, cous cous with feta cheese, crisps, chocolate, cold ham, turkey, honey roast, melon, cheese sticks... mmmm :) Will learn to cartwheel at the same time - at least I'll have soft ground to land on.

I was thinking... again. You know how we all get forwarded messages... irritating things aren't they? Although quite a few of them do have good encouragement and reminders backing them, they are in general boring, not that interesting and yet compel you to pass it on using either superstitious mumbo jumbo - if you don't pass this on you'll get dumped... hahahahahaha.... or religious blackmail for example, the one with 'Jesus said, If you deny me on earth, I will deny you in front of the Father' (paraphrasing cos I can't remember the whole thing word for word). I don't quite believe that deleting a forwarded mail constitutes denying Jesus His authority and place in our lives as our ruler and king. Gossip, lust, back-stabbing, lying, envy, nasty thoughts, pride, lust, self-pity... you might want to check those at the door first. Forward it if you feel that someone might benefit from the words, which I have to say does make you think about, among other things, our mission to non-Christians, our service to fellow brothers and sisters in Christ and our purpose in this world but don't forward it out of guilt or even worse, because you actually believe you will get dumped if you refuse to send the message. Dumped? What is the symbolism behind getting dumped? I'm assuming trucks dump things so what are they saying? The person who gets 'dumped' is rubbish? And what about the person who dumps? A truck? A rubbish truck? Eeew. Get out quick! It makes both people look bad, getting 'dumped' does.

Dogs are from Mars, cats are from Venus? it was on sale for 12.99 (approx.) in past Times but I don't think it's worth that much so I let it pass. I nearly bought The Taming of the Shrew from a bookstand along Southbank today but I might wait til Sarah brings some of her books in. I offered to buy some of her books off her so that she wouldn't have to bring them back to Guilford after the end of our 2 year stint at Oval. I'm thinking classics like Pride and Prejudice, Great Expectations, The Two Cities, Emma, Sense and Sensibility, Huckleberry Finn, Call of the Wild, Anne of Green Gables...

Vic's not staying over this week and I'm currently having the hiccups. It might not rain after all and I would like to be home for dinner.

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