Saturday, August 07, 2004

Barefoot horsey adventures

Exhausted would be a good way of trying to classify me right now. Tired, full, hot, bla... feeling quite sated at the mo too.

On Thursday night, went round to Carly's with my now second goose pie made from the same goose. Stayed the night and on Friday we walked the whole day. Went on the 'beach' by Waterloo bridge, along the Southbank, London Bridge area, Tower of London, Tower Bridge (several times), St Paul's Cathedral, Covent Garden, some sushi/ Korean bar, Carly's parents' place, the Gherkin, St Helens and etc, not in any particular order. We tried to go to the top floor of the Gherkin to have a peep at the bar up there but peeps are only allowed in if they know someone who works there. Time to take my little black book out and make some calls... Went to 3 pubs in Covent Garden but only sat down in one, had Galaxy chocolate and chocolate mousse for breakfast, goose sandwiches and cherries for lunch and chicken/ bacon/ pasta salad for dinner. Had sushi for tea and Bubba, Carly and I tried sake, which could I think constituted one of the reasons why I got rather horsey afterwards - or maybe that's just me.

At some cafe in London Bridge, I noted that there was a really nice animal calender hanging on the wall and I wanted it. So, I asked the nice lady behind the counter if I could have the pictures from January to July (seeing the August cheetahs were still in use) and surprise, surprise someone else had asked for them!!!! It's quite pleasing to know that there is someone else out there whose bedroom might be papered in animal calender wallpaper. Did I mention that Carly and I walked barefoot almost the entire day? It started off at the beach, not wanting to get our floppies dirty and although our flip-flops did manage to find their way back to our feet occasionally, they stayed off for most of the time. Had ice-cream along the Southbank, which think was a rip-off but then, most things are.

At Carly's parents' place ie Daniel's place, I discovered that hidden away from all the world in some musty-smelling hall, waited a piano to be played. I think I'll be going there quite often now. A place to get away, no one can here me and I get a piano to play :) Time and space TO MYSELF!!!!! Ahhh... that's so important.

Walked to St Paul's and there, it suddenly didn't matter that I was boiling, the atmosphere was humid and that I was in a never-ending 'being hungry' situation. I saw 2 mounted police!!! Both greys were about 15.5 hh and smelt so gooood. Went up to one, started stroking, didn't want to go, he smelt sooo good, I can't express how good he smelt. Is there any other word for good? *Sniff sniff* Mmmmmm.... gooood. Took all his horsey smell in, rubbed his horsey neck, his horsey face, kissed his horsey muzzle, talked his horsey talk... ahhhh. I have pictures too!!! What I want to do one day is have a black and white potrait of a horse and I; the horse looking down, me looking up (naturally), side view. I can't wait.

During the sermon, Jay John spoke of the first of the Ten Commandments and said that God should be FIRST; first in Finances, Interests, Relationships, Schedule and Troubles. When he was talking about interests, he asked the audience/ congregation/ people what excited them the most. I was, at that point in time, rather sheepish cos I remembered how I went gaga over the horses the second I saw them. But hey, I remember that horses are created by God; God and horses - what a combination, no? Elephants? Kangaroos? Zebras? Feline? I wonder what New Heaven and New Earth will look like. Are we all going to be vegetarian? No more horse riding? No more hunting? I'm sure it'll be perfect though, so not worried.

I wonder when it'll be my turn to go to Heaven. Does God have a checklist for me, ticking off all the things I have done ie has she done this, that and the other that I have planned out before time for her to do? Hypothetically speaking, what sort of 'list' will He come up with? Gone gaga over horses? Yes (tick). Parachuted out of an aeroplane? No. Learned this spiritual truth through 'X' process? Learned that X and Y does not make C and that she(I) has(have) to go through A and B first? Learned that when things don't seem to go the right way, according to God, they are? Owned a Great Dane and realising that there is such a thing as being too big?

Deuteronomy 31:6 and 8 talk of the same thing - Not only will God not forsake me. He goes before all my plans, has gone before all my plans and has mapped out my entire life. Somehow it makes being scared of heights rather petty, afterall, God created heights. Like last night, I dreamt that I actually went out in search of a snake cos it bit my horse and my horse was dying and I wanted to get serum to make an antidote. Was the first time I had a dream where I was actually looking for the one thing I avoided the most just because something I really cared about was faced with life or death. Perfect love drives out fear? God has put a full-stop where I still place question marks in abundance. Maybe one day my questions will recede, maybe one day they'll disappear altogether, maybe one day questioning will be a thing of the past and trusting will be the norm.

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