Friday, August 06, 2004

2 weeks notice

Carly said that Hugh Grant does not have an upper lip and that he looks like a fish when he kisses his leading ladies. I beg to differ. He looks like a frog... but not so slimy... so maybe a toad. As you can probably tell from my on going train of thought, I am very tired and need lots of sleep. Made yet another goose pie for Carly and the honourable Bubba West. I call him Jagar. Finally, he decided to show up. Have been waiting for ages now. Well, more Carly than me. He's going in a few weeks time, then WHEN are we gonna see him next AY AY AY?

Might be visiting Jude in Buckinghamshire late August for possible horse riding. I need more countryside in my blood. Jude, Carly says HI! Other things on my agenda, painting number 79 on the guys' dustbin so it doesn't get nicked. I was supposed to do that a few days ago but with the rain and Carly enticing me off for chinese, I didn't really have the time. Have to clean the house again. Have left it in quite a state lately, no disinfecting or anything, quite a shame really. My bumble bee scarf on the other hand is going well and you should all be able to reap the visual benefits of my hard work in September, if you see me again, seeing I have to retake my EU law paper this August.

The weather is boiling and I feel like cooked rice. My temper is on short fuse and I have to learn to hold the steam in.

Holty, I have a very big bone to pick with you.

It's late, we should all be sleeping, I'm talking nonsense, so will spare you all til tomorrow. Good night.

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