Thursday, July 22, 2004

The real thing

Haven't been on in a while so thought I should fill you lot in on how I've been doing. Am gonna watch Shrek 2 next Thursday. Deany, James and Jenny are coming round for dinner - probably roast of some sort, then we're going to where ever to watch Shrek. Elena has converted me to Shrek but I doubt any effort to get me to enjoy Chicken Run are in vain. The chickens look grotesque, their teeth are too big and when Ginger and Rocky kissed.... let's just say I don't think I'll need to wax for some time - not that I've any hair to wax anyway.

Betsy and Wes came round for dinner on Tuesday and Wes made peanut butter-oatmeal-chocolate cookies, which we ate with a pot of my precious Cookies and Cream - but it was well worth it. Had bacon flavoured pot-noodle for dinner last night. Enough said. Spent last night singing with Elena to Lion King songs cos we had nothing better to do. My scarf is taller than I am now - not that that's much but hey. I'm into my third colour and have got about 3 more feet to knit :) Today, I bought another book - CS Lewis' The Horse and His Boy (Narnia Chronicles) - one of my favourites, from the Protestant Bookshop near/on Fleet Street. Will try get an extended version of the A-Z Tolkien Encyclopedia as well as The Silmirillion. Will be getting My Utmost For His Highest at CLC with Joanna and Priss this Wednesday after Seneka fulfils his promise of a Chinese meal for Jo and I. Droool.... My ambition is to get as many books as it'll take to give myself a 'Beauty and the Beast' library - floor to ceiling, about 4 storeys high. Bought 4 VHSes off Holty and will be watching at least one of them tomorrow night with another pint of ice cream. Tonight there's a movie I want to watch on C4, only I've forgotten which one. I've my violin with me now. I hear there might be a shop at Charing Cross where I can get it twanged.

Both Naomi + Johnny and Liz + Michael are getting married this Saturday, the former in France and the latter in England. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You'll have a readily available, Cranium, Monopoly, Scrabble, Chess, Playstation, Videogame opponent. Have a happy holiday :)

Elena and I were talking about which songs would be 'ideal' to play at weddings ie instead of the traditional Wedding March. She came up with really classy pieces, with names I can't remember (that's how posh it is) whilst I tweedled my knitting needles and suggested things like Chinese Dance from the Nutcracker - if any of you have watched the original Fantasia, it's the bit where the mushrooms dance - and The Lion Sleeps Tonight. Hehehehehe... would be soooo funny. Hee hee hee hee.. hahahahahahaha..... hahahahahahaha...... hahahahahahahahaha. Hehehehehehe...

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