Thursday, July 22, 2004

Litle things, big things...

Charlotte sent me this so instead of flooding every mailbox on my list, I'll stick it up here for the world to see...

Starting time: 14.46
* Full Name: Deborah Alexandra WONG Chin Lee 

* Nicknames: Debs, Deb, Deeba, Deeba-debs, Debibo, Haribo, Debbie, Debster, Debbuh, Debbers, Bebo...

* Birthday: 12th April 1984 *hint* 

* College: Kings

* Location: London 


* Colour of eyes: Black or very dark brown - depends on the weather 

* Hair: Some variation of black

* Shoe Size: 3 and half - try beat that

* Brothers/Sisters: One sister, one brother

* Who lives with you: Sarah and Elena

* Whenz ur bedtime? When I'm tired

* Ever been so drunk you blacked out: No

* Missed school because it was raining?: Yes :) 

* Put a body part on fire for amusement: Hair - cos I wanted to fuse the ends together

* Been hurt emotionally?: Yes

* Kept a secret from everyone: Yup

* Had an imaginary friend: Doesn't everyone? Mine was called Tinker.

* Wanted to hook up with a friend: What type of hook?

* Cried during a Movie: Unfortunately, yes.

*Crush on a teacher: Just one?

* Ever thought an animated character was hot: Again, just one?

* Had a New Kids on the Block tape: No.

* Been on stage: Yes - loved every moment.

* Cut your own hair: Cut, trimmed, shaved...

* Been sarcastic: I try.

* Shampoo: Tea-tree and mint - doesn't matter what brand

* Soap: I use body gel

* Colour: Red and black 

* Day/Night: Night

* Summer/Winter: Winter

* On-line smiley: The wacky one?

* Lace or satin: Satin. Lace itches constantly.

* Cartoon Characters: Beauty and the Beast, Lumiere, Khan - horse from Mulan, Rajah - tiger from Aladdin... Shere Khan and Bagheera - Jungle Book...

* Fave Food: Chinese - it's SUCH a luxury

* Fave Movie: Beauty and the Beast, anything with Sean Connery except his James Bond stuff, anything with Val Kilmer, arguably Shrek, Tomb Raider I and II, Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Sense and Sensibility, Jane Eyre, Thomas Crown Affair (remake), Anastasia, X-men II, anything gory...

*  Fave Ice Cream: Anything Haagen-Dasz except strawberry, anything chocolate/ coffee/ toffee/ pralines/ mint with chocolate chip, Bertorelli's Italian ice-cream, pistachio...

* Fave Subject: English, Geography, Biology, Art. 

* Fave Drink: Chocolate milkshake made from rich chocolate pudding with thick Belgian sauce

* Fave Person to talk to online: Anyone I can't already see

* Wearing: What I put on this morning

* Hair is: Long and getting in the way - time to get it hacked 

* I'm feeling: Frustrated cos the comp's playing up and I'm not in control!!!!!! 

* Eating: Nothing.

* Drinking: Nothing.

* Thinkin bout: Controlling myself from bashing this sad excuse of an atom-composed instrument of frustration. 

* Listening to: Air conditioner. 

*  Talking to :Mmm.... myself.  

Last 24 hrs..........
* Cried: No

*Worn a skirt: No

* Met someone new: Yup

* Cleaned your room:  Yup.

* Drove in a car: I wish. 

Do you believe in............. 
* Yourself: I exist. 

* Your friends: To do what? 

* Santa Clause: My dad was my 'Santa Claus'

* Tooth Fairy: And the tooth fairy too. 

*  Destiny/Fate: Does pre-destination count? 

* Angels: Yes.

* Ghosts: In what context? 

* UFO's: Unindentified Frying Objects? Why not? *sizzle*

*  Do you believe in Fairies: I see them all the time! The doctor said it's cos I don't have enough sugar in my system. Can you believe that??!!?? Me! Not enough sugar!!  

Friends and Life........... 
* Who have you known the longest of your friends: Oooh, Karen, Joanne, Cheryl, Sarah; 14 or more years now, eh?

* Who's the loudest: Depends who's shouting. 

* Who's the shyest: Melody

* Who's the weirdest?: We're not weird, we're gifted. 

* Who do you go to for advice: Depends on...  

* Who do you cry with: God (and myself)

* What's the best feeling in the world: I'm going to heaven! Are you?

* Worst Feeling: Sin

* Who will respond to this email fastest: This aint no email. 

* Who did you send this to who wont respond: I didn't send it to anyone. 

* Do you want all your friends to do this and send it back 2 u? Go crazy.

* Finish time: 15.20 - silly technology slowed me down

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