Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Isn't it a wonder...

Although I will unabashedly declare that I like music produced by the now extinct, Boyzone, this snippet aint about them. Third day running and I'm still blogging - miracle - despite a dreadful headache in the background prompting my increasing desire to just growl at everyone in an unintelligible manner, kept solely under wraps by a certain Chinese dinner I will (hopefully, if I don't get lost in London train routes) be devouring tonight *Oooooohhh* (Jo, I'm referring to another Chinese dinner and not the one promised by Seneka, which I will also devour quite happily). Ahhh... Debbie's Dining Diary (3D) looks something like this:

Monday - Chinese at Limehouse
Tuesday - Mexican chicken pasta at Oval
Wednesday - Chinese in Chinatown
Thursday - Goose at Oval
Friday - Turkey pie at Oval
Sunday - After Eights at St Andrew(s)
Monday - Turkey something (casserole, turkey 'shepherd pie' or just turkey) at Oval

Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum. Maybe I need to rent a farm so I can get fresh, 'organic' meat.

Oh no, too much Delia Smith on BBC and Martha Stewart on the news has turned me into... arrrrhhh!!!!! Experiments, experiments, who can live without them? Pumpkin pie, rabbit stew, camel/ buffalo/ ostrich jerky (which I've eaten before and it's great for teething infants)... I remember the time my dad drove us 24 miles for dinner just to taste flying fox (some variation of bat). Oooohhhh... stir fried with ginger and garlic and leeks and onions and lots and lots of black/ white pepper... Mmmm..... actually, anything stir fried with the said combination is a recipe for purrrr-fection.

I opened my larder today and horrors, only 3 packets of Tesco value instant noodles left! Have to start restocking.

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