Thursday, July 15, 2004

Internet Cafe!

This IS a new experience... paying for internet usage... 80p per minute at that! Argh. But stop the petty things in life, bigger things are at hand. Like what? I miss everyone, for starters. I miss my homies, I miss home-cook, I miss the jungles of Borneo, I miss being a country bumpkin :) Other things, life aint about me; at the moment 2 people I know are lost in the very jungle I pride to call mine, one especially, I've known for ages, whose kid I mind. Prayer round the clock going on back home I hear and it puts aside all the little issues a church can possibly debate about like type of music, how many decibels allowed, whether we serve tea or coffee or orange juice, whether the pastor should be allowed to drink wine and etc... just a few examples of what a church could be flustered about. Now is the time to pray. How wonderful it is when the people of God come together despite differences in culture, age, music genre, tradition or gender - not that the differences are bad, in fact it further edifies the church as a multi national and diverse nation based on the one thing/ person that we all believe in. One faith. It's only when these differences serve as a barricade to stop serving one another, to stop fellowshiping, to stop uniting, that it becomes a stumbling block. With Elena and Sarah both out of the house at mo, I took the opportunity to strum my guitar and sing a few songs to God and practise my vocal chords... if any of you watched Shrek, I didn't quite manage to blow myself up as the bluebird did when it couldn't reach princess Fiona's high-pitched shrill :)

On another note, Priss can you come round next week? Jo's coming round, possibly staying over and we're going to CLC to get me a copy of the devotional cos I don't know what it looks like. Seneka owes us Chinese too cos Portugal won against England. Bring a toothbrush.

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