Friday, July 30, 2004

In Christ Alone

I've just received news from home; the bodies of all 7 men who were involved in the helicopter crash have now been found. Of all the 7, Dr Tagal (Jem's dad), 'uncle' J (Jason) and another were from SIB (my home church). To say it is a shock to the system, especially to family members, friends and loved ones after days of hoping and what if's is an understatement but amidst the grief, both shared and hidden, there lies a peace that indeed passes all understanding. How can the world understand that even as we grieve and hurt, we are assured of salvation, of the salvation of our loved ones, of seeing them again in a glorious place we have been called to, been justified to, been saved by; by faith alone and in Christ alone. His word is hidden from the wise and revealed to babes. Babes. Can we say that God loves us so that He allows things to happen that we may continue clinging to Him, being absolutely dependent on his guidance? Thoughts aren't quite as organised as one would like; my arms and hands are shaking and I don't seem to have control over my fingers as they run wildly across the board.

To those who have lost loved ones; to Jems and her siblings, to Alicia and aunty Mui Ling, I wish I could be there with you now. Be strong and stand firm in Christ as you have done and know that God is good.

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