Saturday, July 17, 2004

I'm good, oh yeah, aha, oh yeah...

The effort I put into blogging can only be matched by my energy and zeal put into finishing my Dr. Who scarf. Went down to Lewisham today and took the easy route of 436 from Oval straight to Lewisham, instead of my previous 59 to Waterloo, 172 to Old Kent Road and finally, the 21 to Lewisham. Went into almost every shop to look for more yarn to finish off my optimistically-anticipated 6 foot scarf; even wondered if I shouldn't just ask the cashier at Foot Locker if they sell wool, after all, they sell shoe laces. They can't be too far aprt. But alas, no wool in sleepy Lewisham. However, I exited every shop (or almost every shop) with a  purchase of some sort. Face scrub, photo frames, framed poster of an adorable puppy, framed photo of a dashing equine, Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace and a guide to all the characters and places in JRR Tolkien's Lord of The Rings. If I'm gonna be serious about anything, why not go all the way? Like my scarf... all the way... to the floor and beyond, dragging across Vauxhall and Westminster, entering into the Jubilee straight of busy tourists and silver-painted mimes. I do hope it will serve me well in the winter months. Will send a pic of my scarf and I when I've completed it to people who might want a picture to complement their collection of Bob the Builder, Smurfs or etc, not that I think I look like a smurf although some have told me otherwise.
Am in Carly+Tara+Lauren's place now - I need to think up an abbreviation for their home. Was at Joe's farewell then walked back here with Carls, had a kebab and will have to take the 59 home. No more walking across the road to Stamford Street anymore for this little lady. Tomorrow is Saturday and if I'm lucky, Brixton should house all the yarn I need and more. Will buy at least 5 balls of yarn so that I can just sit in front of the tele knitting methodically whilst watching Smokey (the cat) jump down the fence and up the fence and back the other way. Maybe I should buy some never ending programme like The Never-Ending Story (part I and II) or settle for Dracula or Frankenstein or The Bride of Frankenstein... would keep me knitting forever, then I'll finish my scarf in due time. As you might probably be able to tell, I'm quite obsessed with my scarf.
Elena bought me a potted lavender plant today called Charlie. For once I wouldn't begrudge her naming our house plants. Apparently I live with a tree called Horace and the thyme's called Barry. Or so it seems. Carly corriander is a bit down in the roots but at least Daniel dill's looking perky. That was random. The corriander is NOT called Carly and I doubt Daniel would appreciate being a namesake of a dill. I might try grow spuds next.
I am getting used to not going home every holiday. Things happen when we (or if not we, certainly I) don't plan for it. So, in manipulating Murphy's law, if I don't plan to go home, hopefully, I will. One day. Gotto dash else I'll miss my bus. The invite to dinner at mine is still extended to all who can make it. Give me a call, I'll ask you to bring dessert (despite having 4 delicious and precious pots of Haagen Dasz in the freezer as Tara and Joe found out) and we can chill to a movie, preferably one with either Val Kilmer, Sean Connery, Carey Grant, a Jane Austen character... or Disney movie - Beauty and the Beast and Mulan having top priority. Til then, do take care, look left AND right before crossing the road else you might get knocked down by some crazy motorist who CLEARLY saw you crossing the road, even if you didn't see him.

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