Thursday, July 08, 2004

Ice cream falling on my head...

Okay, not exactly on my head - although that wouldn't be incredibly hard to believe - but down my chest :( Walked with Elena to Old Kent Road Tesco cos Kennington Tesco doesn't have everything we need. Stopped by at a cafe cos my bladder was on the point of bursting (again - Elena always has to remind me togo to the loo before we leave the house to trek anywhere - I can't help it if I drink like a camel). Before we left, bought an ice-cream off the man, whose name is Hussein, whose daughter might be coming to Kings next year for medic!!! #It's a small world after all...# Half way through talking (or me licking my ice cream) the cone broke and the entire clump of ice-cold-cream fell into my top. I think Elena found it highly amusing. 20 years old and I still can't get the hang of eating ice-cream without making a mess of some sort. At least Hussein kindly made me another one.

Pete Ellender was over for dinner last night and tonight Daryl and JP are coming round and possibly Big Dave on Friday night with popcorn. Am hoping to make interesting tuna steak with dill and peppercorn sauce served with brocolli fried with mushrooms and cashew nuts. The kitchen is still clean. Gave the living room and kitchen another mop when I stepped on a shard of glass - a very unwelcome leftover from the previous tenants - making my foot bleed as I hobbled over to open the door to let a dripping wet Elena in. Bought Batman Forever and Mortal Combat (Annihilation) from Blockbuster yesterday. I don't care that everyone thinks Batman is cheesy; I like Val Kilmer and I think he's the best Batman ever, so there. Bought two tubs of Haagen Dasz as well; Cookies n' Cream and Midnight Cookie something... yummy yummy. While Elena and Pete went out to watch Shrek, I stayed in and savoured my Batman Forever.. hehehehe. Rather worrying, Pete did suggest fervent prayers...

Am hoping to get a job at St Helens in the catering department during summer. It'll do two things; help me get money ie a job and I'll be contributing to the St Helen's community since I'll be staying on for the next two years (this is said in the realisation that what we plan to be doesn't always happen but we are where we are for the glory of God and the expansion of His kingdom). My other option for work is the one everyone seems to be talking about - stewarding at the Oval.

The guys are back from Serbia!!!! Tell all, if you're reading this. Huddle round my place and show me pictures and tell me tales of little old ladies and war torn zones and the things you have seen and have heard.

Am reading an exposition to the Song of Songs now. Can't put it down - it's so gripping, almost like a Sydney Sheldon novel. Am going to buy Knowing God off bookstore Phil this Sunday. I think it's a must-have for every household. Two would be better; then, when you lend one, you'll still have one to read.

Belated Happy Birthday Fi!

During Pete's visit yesterday, among other things talked about was my willingness to volunteer myself for King's Flings. I'll wear either the pink dress, the pink dress or the pink dress. So that's decided. I mean, free food, possibly duck, why not? Tonight I'll entertain but for now, here's to PLEASE KEEP IN TOUCH by email, snail mail, any mail. Don't lose touch over the summer. Here's my address and number so there's no excuse:

(Edited; I'll email my add and number to you guys personally)

A little add-on; there are now 8 pots of herbs sitting on my sill - in order, chives, sage, corriander, parsley, basil, mint, thmye and dill.

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