Sunday, July 04, 2004

Gone are the days

...Of emailing everyday, of blogging constantly, of walking across the road to access the world, of rushing to the PAWS room in my fluffy house slippers, of waking up to the smell of instant coffee in the PAWS room, of living in the PAWS room... i now have a cute little house and if only it had yellow honeysuckle growing outside (or passionfruit) and was in the countryside, it would be purrrfect, as perfect can possibly be in this world.

Instead, my days now have been filled with disinfectant, anti-bacterial liquid and Flash floor polish. My little home... mmm... my home. Nice ring to it, no? There's a table cloth on the kitchen table, with 4 table mats, a pot of chives on the sill with more to follow, bloo in the loo, air freshener in the bathroom and duvet covers on the duvet! I was cooking cottage pie for Big Dave last night whilst putting a flat-pack bookcase together. He came round after finishing work and commented, get this, that the kitchen was the cleanest he'd ever seen it. I'm so proud! I can be neat and tidy and clean!!! Yay yay... I'm cleaner than Holty! Wonders... This morning, I completed putting the bookcase together whilst doing all my laundry (I read the instructions wrongly and messed up twice; resulting in dripping wet clothing the first time and just spinning without washing the second time), hauled my new pine case upstairs, mounted my books and corkboard on it, put my clothes in the cupboard, threw out junk and tidied the airing cupboard. Returned some tools I borrowed from Mark, who lives next door, whose kids I have offered to babysit from time to time.

I can't believe the effort I have to put into blogging now a days, especially during summer. When term time starts again, I'll be back to 'normal' and my ramblings shall once again be made known but for now the flying popcorn resides in my head, only occasionally featuring on my blog when it gets the chance. By the way, I have a popcorn machine in the house so that I can make popcorn chains to hang round the house at Christmas time - that is, if Elena and Sarah don't mind... but then, they will be going home at Christmas, whereas I would already be home.

I'm thinking... I'll start hosting dinners by the end of next week - I still need to find a place for all my files and extra bits and bobs, we need more fresh flowers around the house #more green, more green#, Adam can finally take down the Simpsons poster and the floor needs a good hoovering, plus we need a new washing line. I broke it trying to test its elasticity so all my clothes are now drying on chairs and hangers around the living room. Went to the Kennington Tesco for the first time and... 8P CHICKEN FLAVOURED NOODLES!!!!! Even the Old Kent Road Tesco doesn't stack up that much. Will be making a few more trips back there for pine cleaner and more instant noodles, not forgetting herbal plants; thyme, rosemary, mint, basil... I will start uprooting mangled bushes and strangled weeds from the garden on Tuesday.

One thing I know for certain, I LOVE my room! 'Wallpapered' it with animal posters all around. With my bookcase in and hopefully, overflowing with lots an lots of books in no time and my animal print dubet cover, I'm quite, quite happy. The one thing I'm slightly annoyed by - my curtains. They're sooo thin, the sun barely has to wake up before my room is drenched in sunlight.

I hope that's been a good blogging session. I'm just sooo happy with my new home AND there's a chippy down the road with the nicest chippy man who's got longish, curly hair.

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