Wednesday, July 28, 2004


is an alternative to Bree the talking horse of Narnia, since I can't, as of yet remember his name.

Bri, the chinese at Limehouse was... fantabulous, gob-smack delicious. Eileen's mom sure knows how to cook and after dinner she insisted I took home the remains of, get this, soya sauce-waterchestnut-belly pork...mmmmmmm. Also had chinese leafy things and steamed chicken (almost Haninan style - ooooooh) but no pickles :( and we had Haagen Dazs for dessert with Eileen's burnt brownies, which I thought tasted great anyway. i actually had some before dinner itself was served. What else? Something I have not eaten in goodness knows how long - Lemon Tea sweets!!!! Eileen also invited several other people from St Helens so now my circle is growing - one of them, Tim, lives in Oval, two roads down AND he lives with this guy called Tony, whom I also know from St Helens. Coolness. Tim's brother Johnny, is from Cambridge and will be around another couple of weeks *sigh* and happens to be the only person at dinner who was remotely close to my age. I'll be arranging dinner at mine for them (and another for a collective St Helens possy) after Eileen gets back from Austria and everyone's exams are finally completed in August. Ei Tian plays the harp!!!! Boil and bubble, toil and trouble (revised version of Macbeth), I think I want a harp too...

Went to Wagamama's today with Priss, Jo and Seneka instead of Chinatown. No complaints there. Priss took pictures of me doing a 'wagamama' ie slurping with my head replaced by a huge bowl of soupy chicken ramen noodles. It might become more clear to you with pictures.. am still trying to find a way of scanning my pics into the blog but without a scanner or digi camera, it's a teensy bit inconvenient.

More good news; I have finished my scarf after a month and 3 days! 10 foot long, orange, green, blue and red with a weird fish tail It'll be my 'trademark' scarf the coming year - one I'll hopefully wear autumn through to spring. Priss was saying that people would be able to find me by following the trail of my scarf... it's alive!

A certain British newspaper has deemed the delivery of newborn twins via a surrogate mother a 'miracle.' I wouldn't normally think twice about it, except that the surrogate mother in this situation was the twins' very own grandmother. A miracle? A phenomenon? Altruism? Really?

Joanna just said I was like 'a proper housewife' after I offered her a choice between waffles, sausages and puff pastry with carrot soup, Haagen Dasz or steak for high tea. I'm going to take that as a compliment.

After 15 days, the helicopter that crashed in the jungle back home has been found. Prayer watch has been going in my home church since it was realised that the chopper went missing. They've only just found the chopper today and with 5 out of 7 bodies found, it is quite overwhelming. I know 2 of the 7 people aboard and I'm still holding my breath for more news. On one hand, I doubt I can ever express the same emotions the families of the 7 are going through. On the other, although it sounds quite unrefined, I'm joyful that the 2 men I know are Christians and that no matter what happens or what news comes in, their place in Heaven is secure not only because of their faith in Christ but also because of God's promise that He himself will grip the lives of His sheep in His hands and will never let go.

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