Monday, July 19, 2004


is the name of a gorgeous, absolutely smelly, pure white (except for the tips of his ears, which are brown) Bull Terrier. George and Mark came in today to fix up hooks, paint doors etc and I was talking to George whilst he fixed up two 'impossible' hooks. He walked into my room, got hit by the bull terrier pictures and told me that his brother-in-law (who lives round the corner) used to breed them. Bingo! Mark (George's son) and I got talking about the different breeds of dogs we like namely, Pyrenees, Newfoundland, Bull Terrier, Bull Mastiff... and then mark offered to ask his uncle to walk the dog by our house. His uncle, who's name is 'Starky' apparently, owns a bull terrier. So I waited and waited and when the trio arrived at our doorstep (including a little dog called Molly(?) - I don't really pay attention to little dogs - I rushed out in my socks and started gagaing over Benson. Ooooh, chunky... nice. Nice to hold, better to hug. Sarah commented that he was almost as tall as I am when he stands on his hind legs. Big egg-shaped head - trademark of the bull terrier, slobbery jaws, rounded torso.... Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow. Slobbered over him, he slobbered over me... and now I have doggy breath and will have to hoover the carpet tomorrow when George and Mark have finished their work, least of all because of doggy fur that clung to my black socks as I wandered round the house and Benson's doggy scent that I tried to get rid of (since I was on my way to see Tara and not because I don't like his stinky doggy smell - I could live in it... for a while) by using lots of Nivea deodorant. I ended up smelling of what I shall now call Nivea & Benson. Ahh... the sweet smell of canine familiaris.
I have to write another article for King's Bench by the end of this month. No idea what to write this time. About dogs and the law? Dogma, underdog, dogmatic, doggone... bought another book whilst walking to St Helens last night - The Truth About Dogs. Started reading it last night and it's sooo exciting! You all would probably consider it one of the most boring books in the world but to me, it is perfect and at £2.50, I think it's a bargain.
Am going to Brixton after this to (finally) get me some yarn for my drag-on-the-floor scarf. Might pop by woolworths as well for more animal posters or books or quirky candleholders or funny shaped vases or mounted bestial heads... Elena found a 2 for 5 pounds deal at Tesco for Ben and Jerrys. So go and buy em and stock em up in the freezer until dire times come and we can't afford ice-cream then you can laugh in the face of adversity and say, "Aha, I have ice-cream!" Of course, there're better things to do (like?) but having ice-cream around is certainly one of them. So, am off now so that I can get home in time to cook Wes and Betsy dinner tomorrow night.
p/s Starky's gonna give me a picture of Benson later :)

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