Sunday, July 25, 2004

Benson and goose

So, you wanna roast a goose? I had no idea that so much work went into roasting the said fowl - more than turkey, in fact, and you get more meat with turkey as well. Chicken; 1 and a half hours on high heat and it's all done. Goose; 1 hour per pound. At this rate, I think I'll be preparing the creature from breakfast, to roast at lunch, all through to dinnertime. Talk about commitment. argh. I should stock up pizzas in the fridge, just in case it goes foul. Hahahahaha... foul fowl... hahahahaha.

Watched Beauty and the Beast last night and noticed several discrepencies throughout the film - the inconvenience of growing up - which, I shall not mention just so that I will be able to keep the film alive in my head as it was meant to be. Robert Benson is the voice of my Beast (being ever so slightly possessive there) and the funny thing is, the more intensely I watch him, the most beastlike he becomes. So what really makes him a beast? What are his characteristics? What is his character? Funny? Yes. Charming? At intervals. Genuine? I believe so. A beast? Only so much can be revealed in 2 days. I remembered watching a documentary quite a long time ago - 10 years to be exact - featuring behind the scenes groundwork of Beauty and the Beast. I'm trying to remember all the animals that went into making the Beast. There was a goat, a hyena, a lion, a bison... The memory of watching that documentary jolted to mind last night when I watched the Beast pacing back and forth in front of what I would call a magnificent fireplace while he was waiting for Belle to have dinner with him. Longer forelegs than hindlegs = hyena. Just something I noticed.

In light of my 'obsession' for the Beast and the fact that Robert Benson was the rich voice that brought him to life (among other people involved) I find it quite fitting, for my newly found canine love, Benson, to be named as such :) It is not a silly name for a dog as some assume (and wrongly so). I saw Benson yesterday and he locked onto my leg with his paws and wouldn't let go.. awhhh... he'll turn 4 on 3 December 2004. I have pictures of Max and Pip as well - 2 other Bull Terriers who occupied the house before Benson. I also have Max Chilvers (Pete's dog), my own dog Sally (I did not name her) and Homer (Holty's cat). I will soon, also add to my collection, Smokey and will possibly make friend's wth the guy down the road who owns a sleek Dalmation. My friend Eing also has a lovely Doberman cross called JJ - Jeremiah James, if I remember correctly, but I don't have his picture *hint*.

I have 15 more eggs in the fridge after I finished my last egg last night - the last 2 actually. I love eggs; an egg a day keeps the doctor away (2 keeps me satisfied), which Elena told me was wrong. Cheese omelette, mushroom omelette, cheese and mushroom omelette, salted vegetable omelette, egg sandwich, soft boil, runny, sunny side up, scrambled wih black pepper and salt and cream, on steak, in corn soup, in crab soup, in stew, with noodles, with pasta, with rice, egg custard pie, spongy egg cake, easter egg, chocolate egg... mmm-mmmm..... 3 things I love to eat, 4 would take me to giggle-land; Well-cooked potatoes, well-rich chocolates, well eggs and well-big chocolate eggs. Hehehehehehehe.

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