Friday, July 30, 2004

In Christ Alone

I've just received news from home; the bodies of all 7 men who were involved in the helicopter crash have now been found. Of all the 7, Dr Tagal (Jem's dad), 'uncle' J (Jason) and another were from SIB (my home church). To say it is a shock to the system, especially to family members, friends and loved ones after days of hoping and what if's is an understatement but amidst the grief, both shared and hidden, there lies a peace that indeed passes all understanding. How can the world understand that even as we grieve and hurt, we are assured of salvation, of the salvation of our loved ones, of seeing them again in a glorious place we have been called to, been justified to, been saved by; by faith alone and in Christ alone. His word is hidden from the wise and revealed to babes. Babes. Can we say that God loves us so that He allows things to happen that we may continue clinging to Him, being absolutely dependent on his guidance? Thoughts aren't quite as organised as one would like; my arms and hands are shaking and I don't seem to have control over my fingers as they run wildly across the board.

To those who have lost loved ones; to Jems and her siblings, to Alicia and aunty Mui Ling, I wish I could be there with you now. Be strong and stand firm in Christ as you have done and know that God is good.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004


is an alternative to Bree the talking horse of Narnia, since I can't, as of yet remember his name.

Bri, the chinese at Limehouse was... fantabulous, gob-smack delicious. Eileen's mom sure knows how to cook and after dinner she insisted I took home the remains of, get this, soya sauce-waterchestnut-belly pork...mmmmmmm. Also had chinese leafy things and steamed chicken (almost Haninan style - ooooooh) but no pickles :( and we had Haagen Dazs for dessert with Eileen's burnt brownies, which I thought tasted great anyway. i actually had some before dinner itself was served. What else? Something I have not eaten in goodness knows how long - Lemon Tea sweets!!!! Eileen also invited several other people from St Helens so now my circle is growing - one of them, Tim, lives in Oval, two roads down AND he lives with this guy called Tony, whom I also know from St Helens. Coolness. Tim's brother Johnny, is from Cambridge and will be around another couple of weeks *sigh* and happens to be the only person at dinner who was remotely close to my age. I'll be arranging dinner at mine for them (and another for a collective St Helens possy) after Eileen gets back from Austria and everyone's exams are finally completed in August. Ei Tian plays the harp!!!! Boil and bubble, toil and trouble (revised version of Macbeth), I think I want a harp too...

Went to Wagamama's today with Priss, Jo and Seneka instead of Chinatown. No complaints there. Priss took pictures of me doing a 'wagamama' ie slurping with my head replaced by a huge bowl of soupy chicken ramen noodles. It might become more clear to you with pictures.. am still trying to find a way of scanning my pics into the blog but without a scanner or digi camera, it's a teensy bit inconvenient.

More good news; I have finished my scarf after a month and 3 days! 10 foot long, orange, green, blue and red with a weird fish tail It'll be my 'trademark' scarf the coming year - one I'll hopefully wear autumn through to spring. Priss was saying that people would be able to find me by following the trail of my scarf... it's alive!

A certain British newspaper has deemed the delivery of newborn twins via a surrogate mother a 'miracle.' I wouldn't normally think twice about it, except that the surrogate mother in this situation was the twins' very own grandmother. A miracle? A phenomenon? Altruism? Really?

Joanna just said I was like 'a proper housewife' after I offered her a choice between waffles, sausages and puff pastry with carrot soup, Haagen Dasz or steak for high tea. I'm going to take that as a compliment.

After 15 days, the helicopter that crashed in the jungle back home has been found. Prayer watch has been going in my home church since it was realised that the chopper went missing. They've only just found the chopper today and with 5 out of 7 bodies found, it is quite overwhelming. I know 2 of the 7 people aboard and I'm still holding my breath for more news. On one hand, I doubt I can ever express the same emotions the families of the 7 are going through. On the other, although it sounds quite unrefined, I'm joyful that the 2 men I know are Christians and that no matter what happens or what news comes in, their place in Heaven is secure not only because of their faith in Christ but also because of God's promise that He himself will grip the lives of His sheep in His hands and will never let go.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Isn't it a wonder...

Although I will unabashedly declare that I like music produced by the now extinct, Boyzone, this snippet aint about them. Third day running and I'm still blogging - miracle - despite a dreadful headache in the background prompting my increasing desire to just growl at everyone in an unintelligible manner, kept solely under wraps by a certain Chinese dinner I will (hopefully, if I don't get lost in London train routes) be devouring tonight *Oooooohhh* (Jo, I'm referring to another Chinese dinner and not the one promised by Seneka, which I will also devour quite happily). Ahhh... Debbie's Dining Diary (3D) looks something like this:

Monday - Chinese at Limehouse
Tuesday - Mexican chicken pasta at Oval
Wednesday - Chinese in Chinatown
Thursday - Goose at Oval
Friday - Turkey pie at Oval
Sunday - After Eights at St Andrew(s)
Monday - Turkey something (casserole, turkey 'shepherd pie' or just turkey) at Oval

Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum. Maybe I need to rent a farm so I can get fresh, 'organic' meat.

Oh no, too much Delia Smith on BBC and Martha Stewart on the news has turned me into... arrrrhhh!!!!! Experiments, experiments, who can live without them? Pumpkin pie, rabbit stew, camel/ buffalo/ ostrich jerky (which I've eaten before and it's great for teething infants)... I remember the time my dad drove us 24 miles for dinner just to taste flying fox (some variation of bat). Oooohhhh... stir fried with ginger and garlic and leeks and onions and lots and lots of black/ white pepper... Mmmm..... actually, anything stir fried with the said combination is a recipe for purrrr-fection.

I opened my larder today and horrors, only 3 packets of Tesco value instant noodles left! Have to start restocking.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Benson and goose

So, you wanna roast a goose? I had no idea that so much work went into roasting the said fowl - more than turkey, in fact, and you get more meat with turkey as well. Chicken; 1 and a half hours on high heat and it's all done. Goose; 1 hour per pound. At this rate, I think I'll be preparing the creature from breakfast, to roast at lunch, all through to dinnertime. Talk about commitment. argh. I should stock up pizzas in the fridge, just in case it goes foul. Hahahahaha... foul fowl... hahahahaha.

Watched Beauty and the Beast last night and noticed several discrepencies throughout the film - the inconvenience of growing up - which, I shall not mention just so that I will be able to keep the film alive in my head as it was meant to be. Robert Benson is the voice of my Beast (being ever so slightly possessive there) and the funny thing is, the more intensely I watch him, the most beastlike he becomes. So what really makes him a beast? What are his characteristics? What is his character? Funny? Yes. Charming? At intervals. Genuine? I believe so. A beast? Only so much can be revealed in 2 days. I remembered watching a documentary quite a long time ago - 10 years to be exact - featuring behind the scenes groundwork of Beauty and the Beast. I'm trying to remember all the animals that went into making the Beast. There was a goat, a hyena, a lion, a bison... The memory of watching that documentary jolted to mind last night when I watched the Beast pacing back and forth in front of what I would call a magnificent fireplace while he was waiting for Belle to have dinner with him. Longer forelegs than hindlegs = hyena. Just something I noticed.

In light of my 'obsession' for the Beast and the fact that Robert Benson was the rich voice that brought him to life (among other people involved) I find it quite fitting, for my newly found canine love, Benson, to be named as such :) It is not a silly name for a dog as some assume (and wrongly so). I saw Benson yesterday and he locked onto my leg with his paws and wouldn't let go.. awhhh... he'll turn 4 on 3 December 2004. I have pictures of Max and Pip as well - 2 other Bull Terriers who occupied the house before Benson. I also have Max Chilvers (Pete's dog), my own dog Sally (I did not name her) and Homer (Holty's cat). I will soon, also add to my collection, Smokey and will possibly make friend's wth the guy down the road who owns a sleek Dalmation. My friend Eing also has a lovely Doberman cross called JJ - Jeremiah James, if I remember correctly, but I don't have his picture *hint*.

I have 15 more eggs in the fridge after I finished my last egg last night - the last 2 actually. I love eggs; an egg a day keeps the doctor away (2 keeps me satisfied), which Elena told me was wrong. Cheese omelette, mushroom omelette, cheese and mushroom omelette, salted vegetable omelette, egg sandwich, soft boil, runny, sunny side up, scrambled wih black pepper and salt and cream, on steak, in corn soup, in crab soup, in stew, with noodles, with pasta, with rice, egg custard pie, spongy egg cake, easter egg, chocolate egg... mmm-mmmm..... 3 things I love to eat, 4 would take me to giggle-land; Well-cooked potatoes, well-rich chocolates, well eggs and well-big chocolate eggs. Hehehehehehehe.

Saturday, July 24, 2004

(This is LONG) I do try...

to blog as consistently and frequently as I possibly can. But what with knitting, disinfecting, making sure my herbs get their daily intake of sunlight and water and pacifying Smokey - next door's cat - taking up most of my time, I can't seem to get away from home *hehehehehe*... the American dream? What is the American dream? Little house on the prairie, no? With lots of sheep and cows and horses and smelly Bensons (NB: Benson is a bull terrier). If that's the American dream, I'm all up for it. If not, let's think of a Debbie dream.

There's me :) and let's say 12 or so dogs - at least one Dobermann, Bull Terrier, Pyrenees, Great Dane, Newfoundland, Dalmation, Scotties are a possible, Weimareiner, Bull Mastiff... - and don't forget the horses - Apaloosa, Clydesdale (I still harness the dream that I might actually be able to get on one, on day, even if I have do do the splits to get across the girth), Paints are nice, Andalusian, Shires... - and let's imagine all this in open plains of wildflowers and lavender bushes. My humble abode shall be a thatch cottage, with a chimney and will smell of hay and cheese and lavender. That's the first dream, the second is yet to come.

Gothic castle. Jagged spikes, threatening edges and gargoyles form the most part of the outward deco except for the huge front door - Billard wood, one foot thick with iron clasps and heavy knockers. Inside, stained glass windows all down the corridors, hidden for most of the time by thick velvet drapes, preferably in dark red, crimson, scarlet, forest green, dark green, violet, purple, indigo or brown. Same goes for the carpetting and general upholstery, although I might be persuaded to allow the occasional glimpse of beige or some clayish colour of some sort. Bannisters are all made of polished wood but the stairs of polished marble. Onyx here and there would be a nice touch too, no? Iron spiralled candle holders everywhere, although I'll probably only light them when Elena comes round :) Garden - connifer. Pets - a natural selection of wild beasts ranging from guinea fowl to deer to grizzly bear, which I shall hunt at leisure with my feline steed. Hmmm.. do you think I'm going slightly out of my mind? Library - now we're talking! First editions if you please. Roman civilisation, the Latin world, Greek mythology, records and logs of ships that have sailed the seven seas and got mysteriously lost, Biblical expositories, apologetics, encyclopedias,  Freudian theories, Biology, architechture throughout the ages, man-made wonders of the world, poetry, Shakespearean works... original text, written in the author's own handwritting, unabridged, dog-eared, leather bound... can you just smell that? The smell of a book opened a thousand times before. Familiar creases become more  intimate as they're examined once again.... Either way, is my dream centered around the life of a hermit? Interesting, as Joanna would say.

Elena and I were in Sainsbury's the other day and there was an amazing selection of cheese - Holey cheese, Parmesan, Mozarella, Brie, Mild Chedder, Mature Chedder, Red Leicester, Edam... so many things to try and experiment in this life but as Christians, we will have eternity to savour cheese and learn wine tasting and eat pots and pots of Haagen Dasz. It's a thought and a memory that has only just hit me, especially in relation to my crazy ambitions and aspirations, like living in Waco. Everything will be perfect. Cheese (if any in Heaven), will taste more perfect than cheese could ever taste. Everything will seem more real even though it's sometimes hard to imagine things more real than they already are. Read The Last Battle in The Chronicles of Narnia. No. Read the whole series. Have a look at what my friend Bri thinks of it in JustBK under Other Peeps in the sidebar.

Karen emailed me today or should I say Mrs Trotter? Then there's Soo as Mrs Maclean, Grace as Mrs Michael, Joanna as Mrs Theng, Alison as.. hehehe... Mrs Wong. It has been a month now and I'm looking forward to meeting Geoffrey (Karen's hubby)... maybe I should pencil in a visit to Vancouver and tick of another life-long ambition of visiting the Niagara Falls. Wes said that people tumble down the Falls in barrells for fun. Should be an experience worth undertaking. Today is Liz + Mike's and Naomi + Johnny's BIG DAY!!!!!! Countdown... this is the last hour as Miss..., this is the last breakfast as Miss..., the last stretch - make it a good one, the last yawn - make it a looong one, the last walk down the aisle... quite a pivotal moment. Oh, most touching and yet how strange. I don't think I should be delving too much into the scheme of things. The last time I did, I really did my head in with questions I couldn't answer and pieces I couldn't fit into a jig-saw.

Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high... I'll hide in the pink, sneak about in the green and find me a leprechaun in the sky.

I'll be blogging tomorrow but because I have not blogged for some time, just to let you know a bit more... I'll be trying my hand at either duck or goose this Thursday cos a few peeps are coming round and we're gonna watch Shrek II together. So if anyone has a quick-fix recipe for me... I'm thinking of orange caramelised duck or lemon grass goose, email me, ya? Also, I'll be trying a full roast turkey with all the trimmings for Christmas... yum-mmm-mmmmmm.

I did say in the title that this was gonna be long. I've not finished yet; a person's got to say what a person's got to say. I bought 6 balls of wool, 100 grammes each, from Morleys. Now, my scarf is in the twilight zone with only one and a half more colours to go. There're 3 colours on my scarf now and it's about 5' 8''. After this scarf, I shall take many pictures and proceed to work on my 'bumble-bee' scarf of yellow and black for Autumn. smart. Do the winter one first and then the Autumn one. I think I'm finished now.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

The real thing

Haven't been on in a while so thought I should fill you lot in on how I've been doing. Am gonna watch Shrek 2 next Thursday. Deany, James and Jenny are coming round for dinner - probably roast of some sort, then we're going to where ever to watch Shrek. Elena has converted me to Shrek but I doubt any effort to get me to enjoy Chicken Run are in vain. The chickens look grotesque, their teeth are too big and when Ginger and Rocky kissed.... let's just say I don't think I'll need to wax for some time - not that I've any hair to wax anyway.

Betsy and Wes came round for dinner on Tuesday and Wes made peanut butter-oatmeal-chocolate cookies, which we ate with a pot of my precious Cookies and Cream - but it was well worth it. Had bacon flavoured pot-noodle for dinner last night. Enough said. Spent last night singing with Elena to Lion King songs cos we had nothing better to do. My scarf is taller than I am now - not that that's much but hey. I'm into my third colour and have got about 3 more feet to knit :) Today, I bought another book - CS Lewis' The Horse and His Boy (Narnia Chronicles) - one of my favourites, from the Protestant Bookshop near/on Fleet Street. Will try get an extended version of the A-Z Tolkien Encyclopedia as well as The Silmirillion. Will be getting My Utmost For His Highest at CLC with Joanna and Priss this Wednesday after Seneka fulfils his promise of a Chinese meal for Jo and I. Droool.... My ambition is to get as many books as it'll take to give myself a 'Beauty and the Beast' library - floor to ceiling, about 4 storeys high. Bought 4 VHSes off Holty and will be watching at least one of them tomorrow night with another pint of ice cream. Tonight there's a movie I want to watch on C4, only I've forgotten which one. I've my violin with me now. I hear there might be a shop at Charing Cross where I can get it twanged.

Both Naomi + Johnny and Liz + Michael are getting married this Saturday, the former in France and the latter in England. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You'll have a readily available, Cranium, Monopoly, Scrabble, Chess, Playstation, Videogame opponent. Have a happy holiday :)

Elena and I were talking about which songs would be 'ideal' to play at weddings ie instead of the traditional Wedding March. She came up with really classy pieces, with names I can't remember (that's how posh it is) whilst I tweedled my knitting needles and suggested things like Chinese Dance from the Nutcracker - if any of you have watched the original Fantasia, it's the bit where the mushrooms dance - and The Lion Sleeps Tonight. Hehehehehe... would be soooo funny. Hee hee hee hee.. hahahahahahaha..... hahahahahahaha...... hahahahahahahahaha. Hehehehehehe...

Litle things, big things...

Charlotte sent me this so instead of flooding every mailbox on my list, I'll stick it up here for the world to see...

Starting time: 14.46
* Full Name: Deborah Alexandra WONG Chin Lee 

* Nicknames: Debs, Deb, Deeba, Deeba-debs, Debibo, Haribo, Debbie, Debster, Debbuh, Debbers, Bebo...

* Birthday: 12th April 1984 *hint* 

* College: Kings

* Location: London 


* Colour of eyes: Black or very dark brown - depends on the weather 

* Hair: Some variation of black

* Shoe Size: 3 and half - try beat that

* Brothers/Sisters: One sister, one brother

* Who lives with you: Sarah and Elena

* Whenz ur bedtime? When I'm tired

* Ever been so drunk you blacked out: No

* Missed school because it was raining?: Yes :) 

* Put a body part on fire for amusement: Hair - cos I wanted to fuse the ends together

* Been hurt emotionally?: Yes

* Kept a secret from everyone: Yup

* Had an imaginary friend: Doesn't everyone? Mine was called Tinker.

* Wanted to hook up with a friend: What type of hook?

* Cried during a Movie: Unfortunately, yes.

*Crush on a teacher: Just one?

* Ever thought an animated character was hot: Again, just one?

* Had a New Kids on the Block tape: No.

* Been on stage: Yes - loved every moment.

* Cut your own hair: Cut, trimmed, shaved...

* Been sarcastic: I try.

* Shampoo: Tea-tree and mint - doesn't matter what brand

* Soap: I use body gel

* Colour: Red and black 

* Day/Night: Night

* Summer/Winter: Winter

* On-line smiley: The wacky one?

* Lace or satin: Satin. Lace itches constantly.

* Cartoon Characters: Beauty and the Beast, Lumiere, Khan - horse from Mulan, Rajah - tiger from Aladdin... Shere Khan and Bagheera - Jungle Book...

* Fave Food: Chinese - it's SUCH a luxury

* Fave Movie: Beauty and the Beast, anything with Sean Connery except his James Bond stuff, anything with Val Kilmer, arguably Shrek, Tomb Raider I and II, Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Sense and Sensibility, Jane Eyre, Thomas Crown Affair (remake), Anastasia, X-men II, anything gory...

*  Fave Ice Cream: Anything Haagen-Dasz except strawberry, anything chocolate/ coffee/ toffee/ pralines/ mint with chocolate chip, Bertorelli's Italian ice-cream, pistachio...

* Fave Subject: English, Geography, Biology, Art. 

* Fave Drink: Chocolate milkshake made from rich chocolate pudding with thick Belgian sauce

* Fave Person to talk to online: Anyone I can't already see

* Wearing: What I put on this morning

* Hair is: Long and getting in the way - time to get it hacked 

* I'm feeling: Frustrated cos the comp's playing up and I'm not in control!!!!!! 

* Eating: Nothing.

* Drinking: Nothing.

* Thinkin bout: Controlling myself from bashing this sad excuse of an atom-composed instrument of frustration. 

* Listening to: Air conditioner. 

*  Talking to :Mmm.... myself.  

Last 24 hrs..........
* Cried: No

*Worn a skirt: No

* Met someone new: Yup

* Cleaned your room:  Yup.

* Drove in a car: I wish. 

Do you believe in............. 
* Yourself: I exist. 

* Your friends: To do what? 

* Santa Clause: My dad was my 'Santa Claus'

* Tooth Fairy: And the tooth fairy too. 

*  Destiny/Fate: Does pre-destination count? 

* Angels: Yes.

* Ghosts: In what context? 

* UFO's: Unindentified Frying Objects? Why not? *sizzle*

*  Do you believe in Fairies: I see them all the time! The doctor said it's cos I don't have enough sugar in my system. Can you believe that??!!?? Me! Not enough sugar!!  

Friends and Life........... 
* Who have you known the longest of your friends: Oooh, Karen, Joanne, Cheryl, Sarah; 14 or more years now, eh?

* Who's the loudest: Depends who's shouting. 

* Who's the shyest: Melody

* Who's the weirdest?: We're not weird, we're gifted. 

* Who do you go to for advice: Depends on...  

* Who do you cry with: God (and myself)

* What's the best feeling in the world: I'm going to heaven! Are you?

* Worst Feeling: Sin

* Who will respond to this email fastest: This aint no email. 

* Who did you send this to who wont respond: I didn't send it to anyone. 

* Do you want all your friends to do this and send it back 2 u? Go crazy.

* Finish time: 15.20 - silly technology slowed me down

Monday, July 19, 2004


is the name of a gorgeous, absolutely smelly, pure white (except for the tips of his ears, which are brown) Bull Terrier. George and Mark came in today to fix up hooks, paint doors etc and I was talking to George whilst he fixed up two 'impossible' hooks. He walked into my room, got hit by the bull terrier pictures and told me that his brother-in-law (who lives round the corner) used to breed them. Bingo! Mark (George's son) and I got talking about the different breeds of dogs we like namely, Pyrenees, Newfoundland, Bull Terrier, Bull Mastiff... and then mark offered to ask his uncle to walk the dog by our house. His uncle, who's name is 'Starky' apparently, owns a bull terrier. So I waited and waited and when the trio arrived at our doorstep (including a little dog called Molly(?) - I don't really pay attention to little dogs - I rushed out in my socks and started gagaing over Benson. Ooooh, chunky... nice. Nice to hold, better to hug. Sarah commented that he was almost as tall as I am when he stands on his hind legs. Big egg-shaped head - trademark of the bull terrier, slobbery jaws, rounded torso.... Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow. Slobbered over him, he slobbered over me... and now I have doggy breath and will have to hoover the carpet tomorrow when George and Mark have finished their work, least of all because of doggy fur that clung to my black socks as I wandered round the house and Benson's doggy scent that I tried to get rid of (since I was on my way to see Tara and not because I don't like his stinky doggy smell - I could live in it... for a while) by using lots of Nivea deodorant. I ended up smelling of what I shall now call Nivea & Benson. Ahh... the sweet smell of canine familiaris.
I have to write another article for King's Bench by the end of this month. No idea what to write this time. About dogs and the law? Dogma, underdog, dogmatic, doggone... bought another book whilst walking to St Helens last night - The Truth About Dogs. Started reading it last night and it's sooo exciting! You all would probably consider it one of the most boring books in the world but to me, it is perfect and at £2.50, I think it's a bargain.
Am going to Brixton after this to (finally) get me some yarn for my drag-on-the-floor scarf. Might pop by woolworths as well for more animal posters or books or quirky candleholders or funny shaped vases or mounted bestial heads... Elena found a 2 for 5 pounds deal at Tesco for Ben and Jerrys. So go and buy em and stock em up in the freezer until dire times come and we can't afford ice-cream then you can laugh in the face of adversity and say, "Aha, I have ice-cream!" Of course, there're better things to do (like?) but having ice-cream around is certainly one of them. So, am off now so that I can get home in time to cook Wes and Betsy dinner tomorrow night.
p/s Starky's gonna give me a picture of Benson later :)

Sunday, July 18, 2004

This gets weirder and weirder

Blogging is getting more and more tangled; an intimate combination of parts and elements not easy to unravel, according to the Oxford English Dictionary. I turn on the machine comprising little microchips (and some 'motherboard' apparently) after 2 days being away and weird high-tech symbols and signs such as the words  'Font' and 'Edit HTML' and a funny looking eraser has occupied my dashboard. Not to mention 'helpful' instructions for keyboard shortcuts. I was just getting the hang of publishing and now they throw all this on me :( Hmph. Will I ever learn? When will I learn all there is to learn? Unfortunately never but then, aiyayayayi that's why I'm not stuck on some distant planet like Pluto for example. I bet their method of communication is so much less complicated. Point, mumble, nod.

I don't like shortcuts and I don't like being told something without any explanation unless the source is absolutely trustworthy (like God for example).  I like taking the 'scenic route' and browse around and dally and sit. My Additional Maths teacher in high school was most frustrated when I was determined to square the circle and drove him up the wall in the process, spending a week trying to do so when all my other friends were learning functions and progression. But I would say Maths is fun - if I have all day to do it and no one bothers me and I can do em in my own time and get lost in it. The nicest bit of Maths in my eyes are the drawing bits or sections I can visualise like when we've got to find and draw 'x' many degrees or parallel this to that or count the degress in a polygon. Enough maths for today. Although I wouldn't say I'm a big fan, since I cannot elude maths, I shall embrace it and grow fond of it and probably, one day, even use it willingly. as would be the case in my quest for JRR Tolkien knowledge accumulation. The guide I bought not only covers the entire trilogy of Lord of the Rings, but also his previous book, The Hobbit. I'm learning quite a bit about the Third Age and Smaug and Smeagal. Fascinating. Why do people go and watch the film if interpreting the book with one's own unique imagination goes so much deeper. Watching the film will only extract the 'general' or even worse, the director's interpretation of the book and everyone will become walking lemmings and go bobbity-bob into the ocean... aaaahhhhhh. Splat.

I didn't manage to get yarn yesterday :( so am still waiting in eager anticipation for the shops to open tomorrow. My fingers are criss-crossing themselves for lack of activity. Finished one giant pot of Haagen Dasz Pralines and Cream whilst watching Black Beauty - that's the Anna Sewell novel and not Beauty and the Beast - and stuck the empty container back into the freezer until I find some use for it. Recycling is such a waste. Watched Emma again in the afternoon because it's almost as good as Pride and Prejudice or Anne of Green Gables. Not too sure about the Pricess Bride although it has Carey Grant in it and an incredulously funny 'bishop' who looks a bit like the Monkey King, Peter Cook, I think his name was. Watched Mulan last night. Was thinking about my late grandad whilst watching Mulan. I think about him when I'm watching Jean Claude Van Damme's The Quest as well. Not that Jean reminds me of grandad, rather the Mongolian he fought. My grandad looked a bit like that. Big, hefty and a frightful temper that's hereditary. I think bits of my extended family that I'ver never met before originated from Mongolia, which is quite exciting. Maybe I should do a family tree tracing thing and locate them all, showing up on their respective doorsteps with chocolate cake (or something) to make it more believable(?)...

I have no idea how far I am away from home (probably several thousand kilometres would be a near guess) but the faith that my friends and people I know have shown concerning the current situation back home overwhelms yet strenthens my own faith in Christ - He provides, He cares, He sustains, He loves, He wills. It's terribly easy to get caught up in the nitty-gritty of day to day life (for me , that would mean having an impeccably clean kitchen) but when I stand back and look at the 'bigger picture' for example, God bringing me to England despite my many protests and attempted boycotts on the project, God giving me a home to do his work in, God giving me friends to keep me accountable (and even that's not the BIG picture), I am humbled amd rebuked. To be God-led, Christ-centered and Spirit-filled doesn't mean I have to let it all hang and not use disinfectant at all but it does mean that using disinfectant twice a day is far far more insignificant than bringing my spirit before the throne of God to be cleansed. Heaven's trumpets are gonna sound one day and disinfectant or not, the BIG picture's gonna be awesome.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

I'm good, oh yeah, aha, oh yeah...

The effort I put into blogging can only be matched by my energy and zeal put into finishing my Dr. Who scarf. Went down to Lewisham today and took the easy route of 436 from Oval straight to Lewisham, instead of my previous 59 to Waterloo, 172 to Old Kent Road and finally, the 21 to Lewisham. Went into almost every shop to look for more yarn to finish off my optimistically-anticipated 6 foot scarf; even wondered if I shouldn't just ask the cashier at Foot Locker if they sell wool, after all, they sell shoe laces. They can't be too far aprt. But alas, no wool in sleepy Lewisham. However, I exited every shop (or almost every shop) with a  purchase of some sort. Face scrub, photo frames, framed poster of an adorable puppy, framed photo of a dashing equine, Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace and a guide to all the characters and places in JRR Tolkien's Lord of The Rings. If I'm gonna be serious about anything, why not go all the way? Like my scarf... all the way... to the floor and beyond, dragging across Vauxhall and Westminster, entering into the Jubilee straight of busy tourists and silver-painted mimes. I do hope it will serve me well in the winter months. Will send a pic of my scarf and I when I've completed it to people who might want a picture to complement their collection of Bob the Builder, Smurfs or etc, not that I think I look like a smurf although some have told me otherwise.
Am in Carly+Tara+Lauren's place now - I need to think up an abbreviation for their home. Was at Joe's farewell then walked back here with Carls, had a kebab and will have to take the 59 home. No more walking across the road to Stamford Street anymore for this little lady. Tomorrow is Saturday and if I'm lucky, Brixton should house all the yarn I need and more. Will buy at least 5 balls of yarn so that I can just sit in front of the tele knitting methodically whilst watching Smokey (the cat) jump down the fence and up the fence and back the other way. Maybe I should buy some never ending programme like The Never-Ending Story (part I and II) or settle for Dracula or Frankenstein or The Bride of Frankenstein... would keep me knitting forever, then I'll finish my scarf in due time. As you might probably be able to tell, I'm quite obsessed with my scarf.
Elena bought me a potted lavender plant today called Charlie. For once I wouldn't begrudge her naming our house plants. Apparently I live with a tree called Horace and the thyme's called Barry. Or so it seems. Carly corriander is a bit down in the roots but at least Daniel dill's looking perky. That was random. The corriander is NOT called Carly and I doubt Daniel would appreciate being a namesake of a dill. I might try grow spuds next.
I am getting used to not going home every holiday. Things happen when we (or if not we, certainly I) don't plan for it. So, in manipulating Murphy's law, if I don't plan to go home, hopefully, I will. One day. Gotto dash else I'll miss my bus. The invite to dinner at mine is still extended to all who can make it. Give me a call, I'll ask you to bring dessert (despite having 4 delicious and precious pots of Haagen Dasz in the freezer as Tara and Joe found out) and we can chill to a movie, preferably one with either Val Kilmer, Sean Connery, Carey Grant, a Jane Austen character... or Disney movie - Beauty and the Beast and Mulan having top priority. Til then, do take care, look left AND right before crossing the road else you might get knocked down by some crazy motorist who CLEARLY saw you crossing the road, even if you didn't see him.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Internet Cafe!

This IS a new experience... paying for internet usage... 80p per minute at that! Argh. But stop the petty things in life, bigger things are at hand. Like what? I miss everyone, for starters. I miss my homies, I miss home-cook, I miss the jungles of Borneo, I miss being a country bumpkin :) Other things, life aint about me; at the moment 2 people I know are lost in the very jungle I pride to call mine, one especially, I've known for ages, whose kid I mind. Prayer round the clock going on back home I hear and it puts aside all the little issues a church can possibly debate about like type of music, how many decibels allowed, whether we serve tea or coffee or orange juice, whether the pastor should be allowed to drink wine and etc... just a few examples of what a church could be flustered about. Now is the time to pray. How wonderful it is when the people of God come together despite differences in culture, age, music genre, tradition or gender - not that the differences are bad, in fact it further edifies the church as a multi national and diverse nation based on the one thing/ person that we all believe in. One faith. It's only when these differences serve as a barricade to stop serving one another, to stop fellowshiping, to stop uniting, that it becomes a stumbling block. With Elena and Sarah both out of the house at mo, I took the opportunity to strum my guitar and sing a few songs to God and practise my vocal chords... if any of you watched Shrek, I didn't quite manage to blow myself up as the bluebird did when it couldn't reach princess Fiona's high-pitched shrill :)

On another note, Priss can you come round next week? Jo's coming round, possibly staying over and we're going to CLC to get me a copy of the devotional cos I don't know what it looks like. Seneka owes us Chinese too cos Portugal won against England. Bring a toothbrush.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

3 in 1?

I will endeavour to write at least 3 times a week, if not 4. It takes me an hour to walk in so I get to dream everytime I walk in and back - that's 2 hours of daydreaming, times 4 if I want to walk in 4 times a week and you get 8 hours worth (or 10 during termtime) of daydreams which equals another night's worth - I LOVE it! Got a letter from Priss today :) and yes Priss, you ARE the very first person to send me a letter to my new home. Now let's see which of my homies will send me mail... By the way, Priss told me a very interesting story. Something along the line of...

There were two dogs and one dog asked the other if it wanted to hear a story and the other dog said yes. So the first dog said, "There were two dogs and one dog asked the other if it wanted to hear a story and the other dog said yes. So the first dog said, "There were two dogs and one dog asked the other if it wanted to hear a story and the other dog said yes. So the first dog said, "There were two dogs..." quite interesting indeed. Talk about looking at everything anew. I read it through to the end in suspense and then laughed to myself in the end when I realised that there was no end. Although it has to be said, I did blatantly realise that there would be no end to the story the second it started but it's nice to pretend not to know.

Have I told you I've got two elephants on top of my fireplace? Tweedledee and Tweedledum or Tweedledum and Tweedledee - depends what you want to rhyme with it afterwards. Watched Shrek yesterday on VHS and surprise, surprise, it wasn't as bad as I had previously remembered it to be. Elena said it was one of those films I had to watch over and over again. The singing at the end was 'groovy' but I wished Lord Farquar finished of the gingerbread man when he had the chance.

To more 'serious' stuff, I've received news that things back home are a bit heavy at the moment; if any homies from SIB are reading this, do pray for Uncle J and family and for Jems and family - don't know how to say anything without giving away too much and since I'm not sure anyone wants me to give away anything, just pray or ask them yourself, I guess... I only know whatever news that reaches me so at this point in time, no idea what's what but I still think life's ironic. No idea how that ties in with everything but maybe it's good to remember that God's in control no matter what and that everything will be fulfilled according to His will and sovereign plan.

It's time for me to walk back to my place. Another hour of daydreaming, another hour of wondering what God wants me to do with my life, trying to figure out why life is so ironic, wondering how I should live for today (ie not worrying about tomorrow) and for the future at the same time, another hour trying to contemplate that I do have a life. Am still trying to work on my 'gentle spiritness' cos I still think I'm a tad(?) too brash. I've tried knitting, cleaning, cooking.. maybe I should turn my hand at starching clothing... and get a pedicure. Finished reading Girl with a Pearl Earring several times over and I would recommend it. Very easy read, uses lots of imagination and conjours up a tonne of thoughts - but maybe that's just me.

Monday, July 12, 2004

Full of...

Biscuits, 8p instant Tesco noodles - no regrets, nuts, soup, chopped corriander, chives, sage, thyme, tutoring, teaching...

I think I'll make blogging on Sunday a habit. Even if every other day's a bit weird, I'll try blog every Sunday. Walk in at 4pm, arrive at 5 and blog and email til 6 then walk to St Helens for 7. Sounds like a plan. Things have been less eventful since my ice cream incident and loss of all dignity, although Sarah's down til Monday (she came yesterday noon), so for a brief period of time, we will/have actually be/been living 'properly' together. Bought several VHSes from Blockbuster including Tomb Raider, Mission Impossible, Fantasia, Richie Rich, Emma and The Mummy. Returned Mortal Combat because of its lousy quality and got a 20p refund. Hahahahahaha. Watched Moulin Rouge last night... I was thinking of making watching a movie a night a habit but the looks that crossed Elena and Sarah's faces respectively when I suggested it means I won't be. Other than that, I'll be sending out mass emails to peeps soon, if not today, with my add and phone number. Am taking it off the previous mail for safety reasons. A few of you have already come round for munchies and more munchies and I'm still looking forward to the rest of you to bring dessert :) Yum. Homies, write me!!!!!! You hear? Write me!!!!!

Did more reading today. Sunday's a good day for reading. Will talk more about it when I've digested the stuff I read about. An exposition on the Song of Songs, Purpose Driven Life, Knowing God... good books all. My satisfying lie-in in general is not gonna last very mong though. Serving at St Helens in the morning would mean waking up at 8 if I catch the bus and 7 if I walk... or maybe 6.30 if I want to clean the house before my housemates wake up, which reminds me, I need to buy more bloo for the loo.

As far as settling in has gone, rest assured, I am quite happy. Bills have been sorted and will be, the odd job man's coming round with Alex to fix stuff and life is quite dappy. There's the occasional putting-myself-in-danger situation and I've gotten used to walking to and from Tesco Kennington in my pyjamas - just put a sweater over it - seeing my pjs aren't dotted with little doggies or trains. They're just good ol' shorts and top. So, one would say that I've adjusted well to my new surroundings. Walking will give me the exercise I need besides running at Kennington Park to train for London Marathon next year. 26 miles... phwoar...

There's a fine line between treating this blog as a diary and knowing that other people are gonna read it. What to write, what not to write. Hmmm? Am still trying to find that balance but it seems that as I spend more time away from blogging as I'm used to, I find myself wanting to talk less and think more but in writing down what I think instead of just my everyday frolics of meeting herbs and chatting to dogs, how would me being politically incorrect, holding adverse opinions or just being wrong in some respect, effect how others might read my blog and hence, me? Not that I'm worried about people reading (or trying to read) me(if they want to read me at all), I just don't want to feed wrong information or pretend to be or deceive, which is all too easy to do. Yakkity yak-yak-yak versus ho-hum, bubble gum.

By the way, I've bought two elephants for the fireplace and their names are Tweedledum and Tweedledee respectivelee. Tweedledum has a mole on his trunk :) I also realised today that the word sanguine has nothing to do with types of pasta.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Ice cream falling on my head...

Okay, not exactly on my head - although that wouldn't be incredibly hard to believe - but down my chest :( Walked with Elena to Old Kent Road Tesco cos Kennington Tesco doesn't have everything we need. Stopped by at a cafe cos my bladder was on the point of bursting (again - Elena always has to remind me togo to the loo before we leave the house to trek anywhere - I can't help it if I drink like a camel). Before we left, bought an ice-cream off the man, whose name is Hussein, whose daughter might be coming to Kings next year for medic!!! #It's a small world after all...# Half way through talking (or me licking my ice cream) the cone broke and the entire clump of ice-cold-cream fell into my top. I think Elena found it highly amusing. 20 years old and I still can't get the hang of eating ice-cream without making a mess of some sort. At least Hussein kindly made me another one.

Pete Ellender was over for dinner last night and tonight Daryl and JP are coming round and possibly Big Dave on Friday night with popcorn. Am hoping to make interesting tuna steak with dill and peppercorn sauce served with brocolli fried with mushrooms and cashew nuts. The kitchen is still clean. Gave the living room and kitchen another mop when I stepped on a shard of glass - a very unwelcome leftover from the previous tenants - making my foot bleed as I hobbled over to open the door to let a dripping wet Elena in. Bought Batman Forever and Mortal Combat (Annihilation) from Blockbuster yesterday. I don't care that everyone thinks Batman is cheesy; I like Val Kilmer and I think he's the best Batman ever, so there. Bought two tubs of Haagen Dasz as well; Cookies n' Cream and Midnight Cookie something... yummy yummy. While Elena and Pete went out to watch Shrek, I stayed in and savoured my Batman Forever.. hehehehe. Rather worrying, Pete did suggest fervent prayers...

Am hoping to get a job at St Helens in the catering department during summer. It'll do two things; help me get money ie a job and I'll be contributing to the St Helen's community since I'll be staying on for the next two years (this is said in the realisation that what we plan to be doesn't always happen but we are where we are for the glory of God and the expansion of His kingdom). My other option for work is the one everyone seems to be talking about - stewarding at the Oval.

The guys are back from Serbia!!!! Tell all, if you're reading this. Huddle round my place and show me pictures and tell me tales of little old ladies and war torn zones and the things you have seen and have heard.

Am reading an exposition to the Song of Songs now. Can't put it down - it's so gripping, almost like a Sydney Sheldon novel. Am going to buy Knowing God off bookstore Phil this Sunday. I think it's a must-have for every household. Two would be better; then, when you lend one, you'll still have one to read.

Belated Happy Birthday Fi!

During Pete's visit yesterday, among other things talked about was my willingness to volunteer myself for King's Flings. I'll wear either the pink dress, the pink dress or the pink dress. So that's decided. I mean, free food, possibly duck, why not? Tonight I'll entertain but for now, here's to PLEASE KEEP IN TOUCH by email, snail mail, any mail. Don't lose touch over the summer. Here's my address and number so there's no excuse:

(Edited; I'll email my add and number to you guys personally)

A little add-on; there are now 8 pots of herbs sitting on my sill - in order, chives, sage, corriander, parsley, basil, mint, thmye and dill.

Monday, July 05, 2004

Strange, stranger and strangers...

Strange. I can actually blog two days running whilst living aeons away.
Stranger. I'm sucking a vanilla flavoured lollipop - and not my usual vanilla and chocolate.
Strangers. Who are no longer strangers becasue I made friends with them, including Pat; Alex bought my new mattress and I bought my matching duvet and pillowcase from him.

Did more cleaning up today. It's so satisfying throwing junk out especially when one gets to haul it full strength into a bin twice my size. Our wheely bin got stolen so I have to use the 'communal' bin. If I ever dropped into it, chances are you'll never see me again and I'll get pulvarised by the crushing machine and you'll find my little bits all boxed together into a nice little package to recycle. Bathtime at Claylands is all about speed cos the water only stays ideal about 15 seconds every few minutes. After that it's either ice cold or boiling hot. I think I'm starting to eat 'properly' again. What with a decent kitchen to cook in, I have to mind the tender morsels that pass through my lips else I won't be able to fit through the kitchen door and will have to live there for the rest of my life :)

Will start having peeps over by the end of next week when everything is properly sorted and doesn't smell of dust anymore. Big Dave is an exception to the rule. I have every intention to continue meeting up with people over the summer. But first, a new calender, cos my animal-schemed 'mural' required that 35 of my pictures be used in that fashion. Saw Phil Blue in church yesterday and he gathers he's eaten about 800 pounds worth of Sante.

Will be walking back to Oval after this to do more reading, cleaning, cooking, same old, same old. But first, I'll have to post a letter to my bro, visit Seneka, buy jars for sugar and cornflour and little pasta and aromatic Indian spices and bargain hunt round Lower Marsh. There you go... a little itenarary of the rest of my day, which will end with me falling into bed :)

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Post script

I forgot to add, check out the King's new webpage. It may not be all up and running but I for one, really like the blue.

Gone are the days

...Of emailing everyday, of blogging constantly, of walking across the road to access the world, of rushing to the PAWS room in my fluffy house slippers, of waking up to the smell of instant coffee in the PAWS room, of living in the PAWS room... i now have a cute little house and if only it had yellow honeysuckle growing outside (or passionfruit) and was in the countryside, it would be purrrfect, as perfect can possibly be in this world.

Instead, my days now have been filled with disinfectant, anti-bacterial liquid and Flash floor polish. My little home... mmm... my home. Nice ring to it, no? There's a table cloth on the kitchen table, with 4 table mats, a pot of chives on the sill with more to follow, bloo in the loo, air freshener in the bathroom and duvet covers on the duvet! I was cooking cottage pie for Big Dave last night whilst putting a flat-pack bookcase together. He came round after finishing work and commented, get this, that the kitchen was the cleanest he'd ever seen it. I'm so proud! I can be neat and tidy and clean!!! Yay yay... I'm cleaner than Holty! Wonders... This morning, I completed putting the bookcase together whilst doing all my laundry (I read the instructions wrongly and messed up twice; resulting in dripping wet clothing the first time and just spinning without washing the second time), hauled my new pine case upstairs, mounted my books and corkboard on it, put my clothes in the cupboard, threw out junk and tidied the airing cupboard. Returned some tools I borrowed from Mark, who lives next door, whose kids I have offered to babysit from time to time.

I can't believe the effort I have to put into blogging now a days, especially during summer. When term time starts again, I'll be back to 'normal' and my ramblings shall once again be made known but for now the flying popcorn resides in my head, only occasionally featuring on my blog when it gets the chance. By the way, I have a popcorn machine in the house so that I can make popcorn chains to hang round the house at Christmas time - that is, if Elena and Sarah don't mind... but then, they will be going home at Christmas, whereas I would already be home.

I'm thinking... I'll start hosting dinners by the end of next week - I still need to find a place for all my files and extra bits and bobs, we need more fresh flowers around the house #more green, more green#, Adam can finally take down the Simpsons poster and the floor needs a good hoovering, plus we need a new washing line. I broke it trying to test its elasticity so all my clothes are now drying on chairs and hangers around the living room. Went to the Kennington Tesco for the first time and... 8P CHICKEN FLAVOURED NOODLES!!!!! Even the Old Kent Road Tesco doesn't stack up that much. Will be making a few more trips back there for pine cleaner and more instant noodles, not forgetting herbal plants; thyme, rosemary, mint, basil... I will start uprooting mangled bushes and strangled weeds from the garden on Tuesday.

One thing I know for certain, I LOVE my room! 'Wallpapered' it with animal posters all around. With my bookcase in and hopefully, overflowing with lots an lots of books in no time and my animal print dubet cover, I'm quite, quite happy. The one thing I'm slightly annoyed by - my curtains. They're sooo thin, the sun barely has to wake up before my room is drenched in sunlight.

I hope that's been a good blogging session. I'm just sooo happy with my new home AND there's a chippy down the road with the nicest chippy man who's got longish, curly hair.

Friday, July 02, 2004

So many days....

Where have I been for the past week? Here and there, getting lost, unpacking, cleaning up, walking on the Dover cliffs... blogging doesn't seems as 'natural' as it once was, probably because I am now 2 miles away from the nearest PAWS room. But I will try and persevere in keeping you updated with Debbie-world. Went to Dover from 26th June to 1st July to chill and get 'outside' of the normal scheme of things hence, the previous entry by Holty. Have spent the time since I got back cleaning the kitchen - scrubbing, scubbing some more and more scrubbing. Kitchen tops; first with Mr. Muscle then with lemon cream and then with pine disinfectant. Wooden kitchen furniture; first with pine disinfectant and then with furniture polish. Have started putting donkeys on my walls and bought a leopard print duvet cover and matching pillowcase to go with the scheme of the room. unfortunately, the walls are not red and the carpet not beige but I'll manage. Am going to Covent Garden and either Lewisham or Edgeware and Bayswater after this to get more posters, a canvas rack, key rack, cork board, double sided tape, cleaning products etc etc. Collecting film, bank, herbal plants and jars for sugar and spice and everything nice (but no power Puff girls - I refuse to fall into any such category). With the running of a new home, it's no wonder I'm knackered - who ever said house cleaning was easy either didn't do a good enough job or is some superhuman person.

I will try update as often as I can but for the next few days, I'll be putting my popcorn in order.