Sunday, June 20, 2004

Making do

People are leaving Stamford Street today. Sarah, Joanna, Ele... oh well. Am trying to find that fine line between letting people into my life and gushing my soul to everyone. I think I might have to handle my extreme nature first. Waiting for Sarah's dad to come round so that maybe he can help me carry some heavy stuff over to Oval. Was thinking (as I do), that all that time spent waiting can be used to talk to God, read the Bible, think. Then, we would not really be 'waiting' would we? Cos we'll be doing something and so life goes on without us waiting cos we use time productively - accumulating riches in Heaven as well as doing what is pleasing on earth. There's quite a bit going on in my head at the moment but I can't tell you yet becasue I need to sit on it first but it has something to do about sheep and goats.

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